Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Viral Marketing & Promotion: Jennifer Bailey

Workshop Notes on Viral Marketing & Promotion: Jennifer Bailey

What is Viral Marketing?
1. Viral marketing is to pass on a message, to increase brand awareness, to increase product sales and to spread word-of-mouth.

2. Viral marketing is not just a message.

3. You generate a lot of buzz by knowing people, especially the right people.

What makes a message strong:
1. Build community: connect with different groups, gain credibility. Be part of a lot of communities to reach out to different groups. Think about where else your interest lies.

2. Create a “Call to Action”: Send out easy, short messages. Relinquish control. Let the message go.

3. Plant in fertile soil: Need to know who in your community can relay your message. Who can put it up on youtube.com, who can post it on a blog, who can retweet it, ect.

4. Encourage conversation and sharing: Share messages and make sure the followers come back to you. Encourage conversation. Be able to respond to those who speak to you.

5. Reward: Give shout-outs to those who participate in your conversation and who share. Reward the act of furthering the message. There needs to be a reward for their effort.

6. Give ‘em a sequel: You need to follow-up. You need to respond and be active. Love the community you built.

Getting Your Mind Right
1. Patience: building your social media reputation takes time. Social networking is 20% about you and 80% about others.

2. Be a friend to get a friend: help first, give first and just ask.

3. Know your audience: Respond back to your audience. Have a conversation with them.

4. Be aware of TMI (Too Much Information): Understand what your audience wants to know and hear. Question whether your audience can handle what you want to share.

5. Be yourself: B/c everyone else is taken. You are going to be transparent in time. Show them you. Be true to yourself. You and your passion eventually shows.

6. Listen to your “Jedi Council”: Have a group of people who will critic and provide feedback.

For more information visit http://www.jennbailey.com/ and http://www.thesociallites.com/.


  1. I didn't get to attend NY SCBWI (I go to LA since I'm a Cali girl), so this post was educational and just awesome! Thanks!

  2. By the way, Esther is a Cali girl too! To be specific, Irvine. I'm from Los Angeles, but currently reside in Korea : )