Friday, February 5, 2010

Ask the Agents: Three Agents Analyze the Market

Notes from "Ask the Agents: 3 Agents Analyze the Market"

Panel Discussion

1. George Nicholson, Sterling & Lord Literistic

2. Rosemary Stimola, Stimola Literary Studio

3. Tina Wexler, Director at ICM

Question 1: How do you describe the current climate in publishing?

R: It’s challenging, but exciting. To survive in these unclear times, just write a “kick-ass” story. Also, know your competition and know what’s being published.

Question 2: What are your beliefs in genre/topic trends?

R: She likes to set trends. It’s always great to break new grounds.

G: You have to read adult books, especially adult fiction since publishers think about how to write these books into Juvenile fiction.

Question 3 was about submission pre-requisites

T: She said being a published author isn’t a pre-requisite. Rosemary likes to find a new voice. When she thinks about taking on a new client, she always thinks about whether she can invest time in the author/client. If she cannot, and if the writer is great, but not a great fit for her, she can refer the writer to another agent.

G: Likes to see the entire manuscript/work when he signs on a client.

Question 4: Most efficient way to submit to these panel members

 R: Takes e-queries. She gets about 25 to 50 queries a day! She wants a query first and she’ll contact you for a manuscript if she’s interested.

 G: He does very few picture books. He says quality non-fiction is hard to sell.

 T: E-query is easiest for her. She wants the first 5 pages of the manuscript posted in the body of the email, not attached. For paper queries, she wants the first 5 pages of the manuscript as well.


  1. Great interviews! I enjoyed seeing these agents pictures too. A face to a name is helpful.

  2. I totally agree with putting a face to a name. I'm glad you liked my notes! I'm going to give out goodies to any of our SCBWI Korea members who read these notes. You are definitely one of the prize winners!